Irish Jack Russell terriers

Columbus, North Carolina

Our dogs

Show quality type with lovable personalities.

We treat our dogs like our children and are proud to raise them in our home.

Avid equestrians for several decades, the Irish Jack Russell Terrier first joined our family in 2006. Since then, it has been a joy to raise them and bring their delightful energy to other families in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and beyond.

We keep our breeding program small to ensure we have the time to raise our dogs properly. Currently, we have three dogs: one black male, one tricolor male, and one black/tan female. We are excited to work with imported Irish lines directly from Shannondale Stables and Fernhill Sport Horses.

We will not have any Irish Jack Russell Terrier puppies until late 2025 at the earliest. We have a new female puppy that needs to grow up! We have referrals to other breeders if anyone would like one sooner. Feel free to reach out!



Available late 2025

Want to add an Irish Jack Russel Terrier to your family or farm?